Sarcopenia the muscle consuming disease


Everybody knows that we lose muscle mass as we age (process called sarcopenia). Common symptoms include a decrease in muscle mass thus strength, poor balance, feeling weak, loss of independence, impaired functionality and an inability to climb stairs. Over 50% of seniors have some degree of significant muscle loss. Most of them are surprised at the medical impact of losing muscle mass and the connection to failing health and loss of independence. Day to day simple tasks such as walking or standing up from a chair become more challenging and lead to other health issues.

I will take sickness away from the midst of thee – Exodus 23 : 25

It is inevitable that sarcopenia will develop at some stage in your lifetime, however sedentary individuals are at higher risk of encountering an erly onset compared to physicaly active people. From the age of 50 we lose 1-2 % of muscle per year with evem more dicline after 70. Other factors affecting the severity include hormonal changes,

Other factors affecting the severity include changes to our hormones, motor neurons, protein requirements and exercise participation. 

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