Restore Strength offers personalised strength training services to individuals looking to maximise their results in the least amount of time


Restore Strength offers personalised strength training services to individuals looking to maximise their results in the least amount of time

Restore Strength Method

✔ Strengthening your body can help promote an active, pain-free and healthy life.

✔ Our method is a synergy of health science and exercise science.

✔ It is an approach based on the key principles of exercise science and is grounded in decades of results stretching out all the way to 1970’s.

✔ Our focus is on functional improvement irrespective of pursuits, age or condition.

The Difference

Effective High Intensity Strength Training (HIT)

✔ At Restore Strength, all of our exercise training programs are designed to be completed in only two 25 minute sessions per week with High Intensity Strength Training (HIT).

✔ In practice, the exercise is done until local fatigue eventually sets in – in other words, until the muscle gives in. A guideline for the amount of time needed per exercise is 90 to 150 seconds.

✔ If you can train for longer than 150 seconds until local fatigue sets in, the weight is increased by 5% in the next training session. If you cannot sustain it for 90 seconds, the weight is reduced by 5%. If it is sustained for between 90 and 150 seconds, the training weight is kept the same. Because you are training to achieve localised fatigue, only one set is performed.

Safe Strength Training

✔ Our Safe strength training programmes are the cornerstone of Restore Strength experience. Our clients train with us to build up stronger, healthier, disease resistant bodies.

Time Efficient Workout

✔ Our Workouts strengthen your entire body in less than 25 min per week. Our focus on efficiency makes it easy to add strength training to your busy lifestyle.

Results Delivered

✔ Our Productive sessions allows you to enjoy strong, pain free, independent and functional body by getting Maximum Results in Minimum Time.

1 : 1 Supervised Training

✔ Safe exercise is of a great value to us in ensuring that you train with proper technique, because this is the only way that you can ensure you achieve your goals.

✔ This is why we recommend 1:1 supervised training with Exercise Specialist during at least first six sessions.

✔ Your Coach will show you how perform the exercise correctly and adjust your body for each each of them.  so that you are confident to commence independent training.

✔ To ensure you see training results, we highly recommend one 1:1 session a week to adapt the exercises, weights to ensure that you are training sin a safe, efficient and productive matter.

Full Body Strength Testing Technique

To determine your current full body strength and retrain your muscles

✔ The full body strength test provides an objective analysis of your current condition.

✔ The strength of major muscle groups and the their mobility are measured by a Exercise Specialist and the measurements are compared against reference data.

✔ This test provides a basis to prepare your training programme and manage your effective full body training.

Training Without Distractions

In a calm and concentrated atmosphere

✔ At RS we believe our clients should be able to train in a clean, bright, uncluttered space, free of any distractions so the focus can be solely upon training.

✔ This is why ‘In-Home Training’ or Our {Upcoming} Studio  have no music, no mirrors and no distractions. We believe this creates a non-intimidating environment that welcomes clients from all levels of ability.

Fitting In Exercises Around Your Body

To isolate and target specific muscle groups

✔ Strength training at RS is performed by using body weight, free weights, machines (upcoming) that offer numerous exercises options.

✔ All selected exercises are fitted in to your personal abilities and are fully adjustable so they can be used by both beginners and professional athletes.

✔ Our emphasise on good form of movements enable training that is safe and does not unnecessarily overburden the joints.


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