Everybody knows that exerciser should be preformed in the safest possible way. however many careless and haphazard form frequently promoted in gyms and most outright dangerous classes like Crossfit, plyometrics and so called “core stability training” alongside with other activities are heavily pushed as exercise, it is no wonder most people are not aware and often underestimate the high risk of injury in the long run related to incorrect exercise.

Despite the fact that any physical activity carries along some risk of injure, proper exercise must be performed in a manner and while maintaining full control witch makes it safer than pretty much any other activity. It would not be wise to participate in activity for the purpose of fitness improvement witch simultaneously include significant risk of causing physical injury and impairing long term health and functional ability.

Safe exercise does not mean easy exercise. High level of effort is required for it to be effective. Lucky safety and intensity of effort can go hand in hand during exercise as long as exercise is performed in such a way to minimize risk of injury and at the same time maximize the quality of muscular loading and productivity.

Effort during exercise is the number one factor for productive workout, and effort can be maximized with good form. In other words the better your form the greater the intensity of effort. Unfortunately most of fitness professionals still promote hard work while proper form is often neglected. However good form and maximum effort do not exclude each other.  but are rather directly related.

Most of people associate high level of effort with all sort of strange bodily contortions mingled with histrionics, but they are not expression of grater intensity. Many trainers still advocate those wrong habits even though they don’t really train hard. In most cases. All sorts of unnecessary acts are done in order to make exercise easier and distract from unpleasantness of hard work.

This can be easily spotted in most commercial gyms, bootcamps and “outside training groups” were trainee’ grout, grimace, jerk weight or their own body to gain momentum and move all over the place to increase leverage during exercise. The above picture is not representation of greater effort, but rather a trainee who remains stoic as the level of intensity, effort and discomfort increases he/she remains impassive, expressionless fully focused on squeezing targeted muscles while preserving strict control over the body position and path of movement.

Loose or sloppy form makes exercise easier not harder. Some coaches claim loosening up form allows for more repetitions to be performed revealing how ignorant they are of true objective of exercise. Correct form during exercise requires proper  body positioning and alignment, path, range and manner  of movement, to effectively load muscles.

Less is more when it comes to proper exercise. You should spend no more time exercising than is required for best results. More exercise will not give you better results, but will rather rob you of limited time you have to accel in other interests or goals and enjoy your time with family and friends. The good news is very little exercise is actually needed if carry out properly and with high level of effort.

Proper strength training or progressive resistance exercise can be easily considered the only true exercise you will ever need (mind you activity/sport is not exercise). If your goal is to safely and efficiently improve your fitness, muscle strength, endurance, cardiovascular & metabolic efficiency, flexibility, bone density and body composition then strength training should be your first choice.